Visiting Specialists

ENT Specialist ~ Dr. V. Velmurugiah
Appointments by referral only
Phone: 780-579-1717
Clinic hours: Thursday and Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
The ENT Clinic is located in LHCC across from the Diagnostic Services (Laboratory/X-Ray) Department

Foot/Ankle Surgical Specialist   ~ Dr. Karim Ravji, Dr. Samir Lalani, Dr. Priya Anand
This Clinic offers a variety of Foot Care Services, including Diabetic Foot Care, STEM
Cell Injections, Orthotics, etc.
Appointments by referral only

Obstetrician/Gynaecologist ~ Dr. S. Azer

Opthalmology ~ Dr. R. Harris, Dr. M. Kutzner and Dr. J. Heston

Stress Testing ~ Dr. A. Bharmal

Orthopedic Surgeon ~ Dr. A.R. Manolescu

Appointments for Dr. Azer, Dr. Harris, Dr. Kutzner, Dr. Heston, Dr. Barmal and Dr. Manolescu are made through their respective offices.