Other Health Services

Alberta Health Services: Home Care/Community Health, Rehab Services, Mental Health & Addiction Services

These Services are available from the Lamont Health Unit which is located in the Archer Building of the Lamont Health Care Centre. Residents requiring access to such Services may call directly to 780-895-5817 or call 780-895-2211 and ask for Home Care, Community Rehab or Mental Health & Addiction Services.

Lamont Vision Centre
Phone: 780-895-2770
Dr. Scott Lopetinsky – Optometrist
Dr. Kerri Erickson – Optometrist
Dr. Rob Eastwood – Optometrist
Clinic Hours/Days:
Mondays through Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Services offered include: Routine Vision and Diabetic Exams, Cataract Assessments, Driver’s Vision Exams
Optometrists are available for scheduled appointments all day every Tuesday and Thursday and on Friday mornings.
The Optometry Clinic is located on the Ground Floor of the Archer Building.


Dr. D. Gibbs
Visits are made at least monthly.  No referral necessary.  Please phone the Lamont Health Care Centre Business Office at 780-895-2211 if you wish to access this Service.

Prosthetics & Orthotics Clinic

Bouma Orthotic Clinics and Troppman Prosthetics Ltd. have partnered with Lamont Health Care Centre to hold clinics for those persons requiring these services.  Appointments can be made by calling:
Troppman Prosthetics ~ 780-438-5409
Bouma Orthotic Clinics ~ 780-417-7008


Lamont Dental Clinic 

Located on Main Street Lamont (next to Alberta Treasury Branch)
Dr. Dorothee Saleski – Dentist
Office Days ~ Tuesday through Friday
Office Hours ~ 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 780-895-2566

Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network (AHPCN)

The AHPCN is located on the Ground Floor of the Archer Building.
Referrals are accepted from Lamont Physicians or one can phone directly for an appointment.
Services include: Mental Health Support, Senior Health Assessments, Diabetes Support and Education, Weight Management and Education, Pre-Diabetes, Women’s Health, Pharmacist Support, Physical Activity and Exercise Counselling, Nutrition Support and Education.
Phone: 780-895-2022