Assisted Living

The concept of the Lamont Health Care Centre Assisted Living Project is to offer seniors an alternative to institutionalization, in which they can maintain their independence, choice, dignity and individuality by residing in a home-like environment which is geared towards keeping healthy seniors at their optimum level of health.

In 2011, a grant was received from Alberta Housing to apply towards a 14-suite addition to the Morley Young Manor. Six new two-bedroom units and 8 new one-bedroom units became available for occupancy, making the total number of units in the Morley Young Manor 42 units, plus one bachelor suite.

Personal security and safety are provided through access to medical, nursing and rehabilitation services provided by the adjacent Lamont Health Care Centre. In addition, Assisted Living Residents are able to make use of the many miscellaneous support services offered by the Lamont Health Care Centre including Dietary, Laundry and Housekeeping.

The current monthly charges for accommodation (which includes Housekeeping, maintenance, utilities, security, Recreation, Chaplaincy and Social Work) are as follows:

  • One-bedroom suite (approx. 600 – 650 sq. ft.):  $964.00 – $1031.00, 2 occupants: $1169.00
  • Two-bedroom suite : $1276.00 (up to 2 occupants)

A waitlist for admission is in place for those wishing to access accommodation at this site.  

Morley Young Manor is operated as a non-profit entity under the auspices of The United Church of Canada.

Applications for residency or requests for further information may be directed to:



Box 479

Lamont, AB
T0B 2R0

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