Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care Services are provided by a non-denominational group of Ministers. The services are coordinated by our facility’s Pastoral Care Director, Rev. Debbie Brill. These ministers provide Pastoral Care support to Acute Care patients, Long Term Care residents and families through on-going visits, prayer, spiritual counselling and one-to-one special visits. Weekly services are also held in the facility’s chapel. These services are open to all denominations. In addition, Roman Catholic Church Services are held every Saturday in the chapel, commencing at 4:30 pm.


  • That the spiritual well being of the patient/resident is as important to the healing process as the attendance of his/her physical and emotional needs
  • That the provision of quality patient/resident care is enhanced by an attitude of Christian love and care
  • That God plays an active role in the healing process, and that recognition understanding and acceptance of God’s part in it can be of benefit to the patient/resident/staff.
  • That this spiritual healing be extended to family, friends and staff, in a manner which will promote wellness and wholeness.

Principle Activities

  • pastoral visitation
  • spiritual counseling
  • weekly multi denominational church service
  • memorial service in remembrance of Long Term and Extended Care residents/
  • staff support and training in pastoral care, death and dying, crisis intervention
  • bible study
  • special services such as Easter and Christmas

When to call your clergy

  • when you are or will be a hospital patient
  • when you face a crisis and don’t know where to turn
  • when you suffer a loss or are grieving
  • when you are dying

If you wish a clergy visit, please ask the nursing staff to call the clergy of your choice.

The current list of ministers who serve at the facility are:

Pastor Wayne Larson – Bruderheim Community Church: Phone 780-796-3775
Father Francis and Father Jean-Claude – Roman Catholic Church: Phone 780-998-3288
Father Alex Suraiev – Russian Orthodox Church: Phone 780-895-2149
Father Iryney Valyavka – Ukrainian Catholic Church: Phone 587-598-4500
Rev. Debbie Brill – United Church of Canada: Phone 587-588-7815
Pastor Ron Wurtz – Lamont Alliance Church: currently on a Leave of Absence