Pastoral Care


  • That the spiritual well being of the patient/resident is as important to the healing process as the attendance of his/her physical and emotional needs
  • That the provision of quality patient/resident care is enhanced by an attitude of Christian love and care
  • That God plays an active role in the healing process, and that recognition understanding and acceptance of God’s part in it can be of benefit to the patient/resident/staff.
  • That this spiritual healing be extended to family, friends and staff, in a manner which will promote wellness and wholeness.

Principle Activities

  • pastoral visitation
  • spiritual counseling
  • weekly multi denominational church service
  • memorial service in remembrance of Long Term and Extended Care residents/
  • staff support and training in pastoral care, death and dying, crisis intervention
  • bible study
  • special services such as Easter and Christmas

When to call your clergy

  • when you are or will be a hospital patient
  • when you face a crisis and don’t know where to turn
  • when you suffer a loss or are grieving
  • when you are dying

If you wish a clergy visit, please ask the nursing staff to call the clergy of your choice.

Revised Pastoral Care Contact List February 12, 2015

Service Schedule for 2015