Our Board

Introducing The Board of Lamont Health Care Centre

The Board of the Lamont Health Care Centre is a Voluntary Board, whose membership is drawn from the courts of the United Church of Canada and the Community. The Board is comprised of seven members, 4 representing the United Church and 3 from the Community. It is a grassroots, hands-on, community-centred and community-driven board, that makes every effort to provide outstanding health care services to the community of Lamont and surrounding region within the guidelines and financing provided by Alberta Health Services. The United Church of Canada, as a guiding body, supports an ethical framework for the work of the hospital.

Board Members, as of June 18, 2018
Kent Harrold (Chairperson), Linda Mills, Rev. Debbie Brill, Mae Adamyk, Connie Newgard, Trudy Harrold,
David Diduck